Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Directly in front of us a huge iguana was crossing the highway. Slowly, with great dignity it came crawling like an alligator right in front of my eyes. It had golden colors and a striped tail. At its back a lot of spikes stood up. The tail was as long as the body, and the iguana from head to tail must have been at least the size of a full grown man. A beauty. It had the presence and the aura of an omen.
In this area there are green iguanas and black iguanas. The black iguanas are the smallest ones. The green iguanas can in fact have many different colors, like the golden iguana we just saw.
'Garrobo', Angeles said when I told her about the huge golden iguana walking across the highway. The Mexicans call the big ones garrobos, and the smaller ones iguanas. She also liked them a lot, she said. They seem to be a kind of Mexican mascot, having travel companies, cafes and hotels carrying their name.


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