Saturday, November 18, 2006

writing studio

Hanne's roof top writing studio Talum, Mexico

"A love story in the third language" by Hanne Moeller

A Love Story in the Third Language

"Is it a good time for me to do this journey, and is it safe?" I asked Adrian on the phone. For some time I had been heading out of my hermit cave. My husband had died 7 years earlier, and I had been working my way through the valley of death ever since. Now I felt there was something beckoning at the end of the tunnel. A different light, a new sound, more colors, a richer taste, new landscapes. I had a sabbatical from my work as a radio journalist in Denmark and I had plans. Traveling plans. But I was also a little afraid.
That is why I called Adrian Ross Duncan, a wise astrologer from Wales who lives mostly in Denmark. I told him that I was planning to go to New Mexico in the United States for a month. I wanted to see the landscapes of Georgia O'Keeffe around Santa Fe and do recordings for a radio program about O'Keeffe, her paintings, and why she chose to live in the high desert the second half of her life.
"Is it a good time to do this journey?" I asked Adrian, "and is it safe to go alone?" Adrian is a very laid back type of guy. He was quiet for some time. "Well", he answered after looking around at the signs from the universe, "you are not going to die". Good news! He said that everything looked fantastic for my journey. It would be a mind opening experience raising me to a new level of conscience, and that kind of journey would always be lonely in a way. "But you are going to meet someone", Adrian then said to me, even though I hadn't asked him that question. He wished me a good journey and we hung up.
And there I was - in Santa Fe, New Mexico. On my first day I was walking around the old square La Plaza in the heart of Santa Fe. I immediately fell in love with 'the city different'. Amazingly there were flowers and plants everywhere. I thought I had come to a desert town and it looked like a green house.
At a corner I saw two people sitting and talking at a small round cafe table under an arcade. What a wonderful place to meet, I thought. If I knew anyone in Santa Fe I would love to sit under that arcade and talk.
For several weeks I then traveled through O’Keeffe country and now I was back in Santa Fe. It was my last day before flying back to Denmark. I was making my final round saying goodbye to my favorite places.
My parking meter was running out and I thought I was heading straight for my rental car. But then I came by a small gallery at the corner of the Plaza where I saw some special, very personal jewelry. Suddenly I remembered my unfinished business with the snake. I had been looking for snake earrings at several places, but they were all too big. When you produce radio with head phones all day, you don’t want a big snake rattling in your ear.
I went into the gallery looking for this old symbol of transformation. A man came up to me, and with great power he started asking me where I came from and what I was doing in Santa Fe.
“Let’s go and have an ice tea”’ he said as a matter of fact. Not a question really. Much to my surprise I heard myself answering yes.
He said we could sit at that small round table with the two chairs under the arcade - the very same corner I had spotted on my first day in Santa Fe. Life is magic.
Besides being a jeweler Ross turned out to be a shamanic healer, a painter and photographer. Presently he was working on a book with animal paintings called “Alphabetish”.
I told him I was a presenter on a literature program called “Alfabet”!
His father’s family was from Wales. I immediately thought of Adrian, the astrologer from Wales, whose middle name is Ross and who several times told me: “You are going to meet someone”.
“Give me a hug” Ross said when we parted. I got the best hug ever in return. Like coming home. He immediately found a spot near my waist that made me laugh because I am rather ticklish. Like he had an instinctive knowledge of my body, possibly from a meeting in an earlier life.
When I left, I sent him an aerial kiss and said: “Maybe we will meet again”. That came out of the blue. Sometimes 45 minutes just pass by. A few times in your life they can be loaded with meaning and future.
The language of synchronicity - ‘the third language’ Ross called it - just kept evolving around our meeting. The language of manifesting as opposed to calculating, the language of the dream time as opposed to the time of the clock, following the path of the soul more than walking in the middle of the road already there.
Ross and I became transatlantic lovers. There is no receipt for this kind of living. You have to invent it. But as the old Chinese saying goes: The road will come into existence, as you walk.
Hanne Moeller

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


What a surprise- I was treated to a beautiful violin concert before dinner the other evening.

the violin and flying rosin

the violin and flying rosin
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Thursday, April 20, 2006

shamanic teachers and practitioners

Friday, February 03, 2006

Beach boy

Sunset at the beach in San Francisco just north of Sayulita. The little boy was enjoying himself, rolling around naked in the sand, but finally his dad got him into a pair of pants. And no - the round thing in the air is not a UFO, it is a frisbee.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Shrimp rule. Water color by Ross

Every day the fish vendors drive through Sayulita in their dusty vans, selling fresh shrimps. You hear their speakers from a distance with ads and jingles. Lara’s little booth at the bridge is our favorite. Shrimps at the size of small lobsters, just out of the ocean. Ross put them on a frying pan with some garlic, then he added his home made salsa and some rice, and we had one of our most tasty meals ever. King Camaron of Sayulita.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Directly in front of us a huge iguana was crossing the highway. Slowly, with great dignity it came crawling like an alligator right in front of my eyes. It had golden colors and a striped tail. At its back a lot of spikes stood up. The tail was as long as the body, and the iguana from head to tail must have been at least the size of a full grown man. A beauty. It had the presence and the aura of an omen.
In this area there are green iguanas and black iguanas. The black iguanas are the smallest ones. The green iguanas can in fact have many different colors, like the golden iguana we just saw.
'Garrobo', Angeles said when I told her about the huge golden iguana walking across the highway. The Mexicans call the big ones garrobos, and the smaller ones iguanas. She also liked them a lot, she said. They seem to be a kind of Mexican mascot, having travel companies, cafes and hotels carrying their name.

Garrobos looking down at the Sayulita Bay

El Oasis

A couple of days ago Ross and I went to the restaurant El Oasis for lunch. The place had been recommended to us by Dale, an American who is building houses and a life in Mexico where he can surf, play the guitar and be out of Bush-America.
The food at the Oasis was excellent. Shrimp ceviche, guacamole, salsa, tortillas with brown beans and the most delicious huachinango, the popular local fish reminding of a red snapper. Fried in olive oil with garlic and tasting heavenly. Mexican kitchen at its best. So - look to the left when you are driving on the new highway out of Sayulita towards Punta de Mita. There is no town or anything around, just some tables under a palm tree roof, a hammock, a guitar, a sombrero and the wooden tool the owner’s mother used for making tortillas. Behind a modest sign saying El Oasis you will find a gourmet oasis.

Friday, January 20, 2006

La palapa

La palapa, the top terrasse, is the most beautiful office I ever had. I write every morning, overlooking the Pacific and the Sayulita Bay, listening to the surf.

Sayulita fish taco

The small Fish Taco place at the Plaza in Sayulita has delicious tacos, guacamole, shrimp empanadas and other dishes. Just go and sit down, and you will get great tortilla chips and salsa before you order your meal. If you are lucky you can see them dancing in the kitchen while they cook. Food made with joy and served directly at the tables on the street. Surfer magazines are available to read while you are there. Here you see the staff and Miguel. You might ask him to take you out surfing, he speaks very good English, just for the record. Miguel, hope you get your little bungalow down by the coast!